Health Examination for Overseas Students


Health Examination for Overseas Students


Dear overseas students,

Welcome to Feng Chia University. According to the Article 8 and 9 from , a student healthy guideline from MOE, and students healthy checking guideline from Feng Chia University, the Health Self-Assessment card for freshmen’s healthy examination is collected for students’ health management and health education only. Unless for the purpose of tutoring, education or other legal purpose, the school will keep the personal information secretly, and destroy the document after you graduate.

Health and Medical Service Section


Health Examination for Overseas Students

  • International and overseas compatriot students are required to the assigned hospital for "Health Certificate for Residence Application" for the resident visa of R.O.C.

  • For the details of the for healthy examination and information of the assigned hospitals, please inquire R.O.C. Embassy, Consulate or Taipei Mission in your country.
  • Please upload with qualified "Health Certificate for Residence Application" with PDF or JPG file.

  • How to upload: Log in MyFCU→New Students→Check List of Registration→Upload the Health Check Report to Apply for Resident Visa.
  • For Mainland China, HK and Macao students, please noted: with different procedure, you will have the healthy check for "Health Certificate for Residence Application" with the probe card (the record of receiving subsequent vaccination) after coming to Taiwan. The school will arrange you to the assigned hospital for healthy check.

Fill in the Health Self-Assessment Card

  • Time: Starting from July 18, 2022 – Sep 30, 2022
  • Log in with your NID and fill in the information

  • Process: Visit MyFCU→New Students→Check List of Registration→Health Self-Assessment Card
  • Steps of filling in the Health Self-Assessment Card at MyFCU

1.Log in with your NID (student ID and password)

2.Click Check List of Registration

3.Fill in the Health Self-Assessment Card

(For those who have studied over one year in Taiwan, please upload your ARC or healthy certificate of resident application)

4.Fill in the Health Self-Assessment Card

4.1 Click the link

4-2. Log in and complete the questionnaire

4-3. Complete the questionnaire within 20 minutes

Health Examination for freshmen

The checking items of health examination for freshmen are differed from health certificate for resident application; the school will arrange the date and assigned hospital for healthy check.

  • Date of checking: Sep. 2, 3, 5 and Sep. 12-13, 2022. (Do not reserve during your quarantine period)

Due to the impact of Covid-19, it is required to register since it is able to contain 75 people only each time. Please register online first and show up to do the health check on time. Also, in case of missing your appointment, please check the announcement from the website of New Overseas Students or your email once the policy from MOE or Taiwan CDC for latest information.

  • Method of registration: How to apply: Download FCU app→click MyFCU→Campus Life→Activity→Appointment

Each person only can register once.

  • Location: 1st floor at Recreation Building
  • Fee: NTD 550/person, please pay the fee on the checking day.
  • If you’re not able to do the health check during the period mentioned above, the other checking date will be announced afterwards.
  • If you have any question, you may contact Miss Chen, the nurse (+886-4-24517250 #2546)


  1. Prepare the checking fee and hand it to the hospital on the checking day.
  2. Before checking, please be on an empty stomach within 6~8 hours (a little of water is acceptable), and with bland diet 2 days before the checking; don’t do strong exercise, drink, burn the midnight oil to cause the abnormal checking result.
  3. For those who are arranged to have the checking in the morning, don’t have the breakfast in the morning (beverage and chewing gum are included).
  4. For those who are arranged to have the checking in the afternoon, don’t have the lunch on that day and finish the breakfast before 07:30.
  5. For those with chronic disease are able to take the medicine as usual; only those with hypoglycemic, don’t take the medicine before having meal.
  6. If you encounter the period (female only), please inform the staff at the counter to avoid the testing result; if you’re pregnant, please inform the staff for not taking the X-ray.
  7. Don’t wear the cloth with metal button or metal accessory.
  8. For more information about healthy check for freshmen, please check the website for freshmen.

For latest information, please visit “New Overseas Student Section”.

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