Insurance for Overseas Students

Medical Insurance for Overseas Students

Applicants and fee

  • For Hong Kong & Macao and Overseas Compatriot Students: According to Act of Overseas Chinese Students Medical Insurance from Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China, new overseas compatriot, HK & Macao students are not qualified to join the National Health Insurance. Therefore, for those are not qualified are required to join Overseas Chinese Students Medical Insurance for 6 months in the first semester; at the end of 6 months if you’re still not qualified, you would join International Student Medical Insurance instead.

◎ Overseas Compatriot Students Medical Insurance fee: NTD 580/ semester (insurance fee is NTD 1,160, NTD 580 as subsidy from Overseas Community Affairs Council and students afford rest of NTD 580)

◎ International Student Medical Insurance fee: NTD 500/month

  • For Mainland China and International Students, before being qualified for joining National Health Insurance, you need to join International Student Medical Insurance.

◎ Fee: NTD 3,000/semester or NTD 500/month

Procedure of Applying for Medical Insurance

  • Visit the clinics with National Health Insurance
  • Document preparation
  1. Application form
  2. Receipt with original one
  3. Certificate of diagnosis with original one
  4. Copied cover of your bank book (if you have no bank account in Taiwan, the insurance fee would be claimed through check; it is required to fill in the application from the insurance company)
  5. Copied one of ARC or entry permit
  • Visit OIA (R303, Administration Bldg. II) and hand in the documents so the faculty will apply the insurance for you.

Detail of Health Insurance

  • Max claim of clinic or emergency: NTD 1,000/day
  • Max claim of ward’s fee: NTD 1,000/day
  • Max claim of hospitalization costs: NTD 120,000/time

National Health Insurance

International, overseas compatriot, HK and Macao students with ARC are required to join National Health Insurance after staying in Taiwan for 6 months continuously.

Procedure of joining National Health Insurance

  • How to count the days of joining the insurance: Enter Taiwan with Resident Visa, and it will start since your entry date; for those with Visitor Visa or entry permit, it will only start from the date the visa has transferred to resident visa.
  1. Without any departure after entering: Start from the entry date+6 months
  2. Depart for once within 30 days:Start from the entry date + 6 months- departure days
  3. Depart for once over 30 days: The resident days would start all over again, which means to start from the latest entry date and the rule would be followed as 1 or 2.
  4. Depart for a few amounts of times: The resident days would start all over again; start from the latest entry date + 6 months- departure days
  • Fee (start from Jan 1st, 2021)
  1. NTD 826/month
  2. Overseas compatriot students are able to apply for insurance subsidy with low-income certificate at OIA, and as the application is approved by Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China, you would only need to afford NTD 413/month.
  • Applying for NHI IC card: After being qualified, OIA will apply for it by your ARC. It would take around 7 workdays.
  • Having medical treatment with NHI card: You may have the medical treatments at any clinic or hospital once joining NHI.
  • NHI transferring or returning the fee: Once you have the other NHI from your workplace or internship, please come to OIA for transferring or returning the insurance.

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