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Employment Gold Card

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  • Foreigners should be foreign students who have Bachelor degree in R.O.C., overseas Chinese students or ethnic Chinese students, and employment permits will be distributed to those who score above 70 points.
  • Official website and application
  • Apply by wages and work experience: There are 6 categories open for foreign employees to work in Taiwan. Different working category is followed by different regulations (Read Foreign Professionals to Work in Taiwan to get more details). Foreigners be employed for specialized or technical works should meet the regulations of wage, education level, and working qualification.
  • Workforce Development Agency Ministry of Labor
  • Foreign special professionals who plan to work in Taiwan can apply to National Immigration Agency for 4-in-1 employment gold card which includes work permit, resident visa, Alien Resident Certificate and re-entry permit. The Employment Gold Card is valid for 1-3 years. Employment Gold Card holders who meet certain conditions may apply for an extension within 4 months before the expiration date of their card, for a maximum of 3 years each time.
  • Qualification: Applicants may apply for an Employment Gold Card in the following fields: Science and Technology, Economy, Education, Culture and Arts, Sports, Finance, Law, Architectural Design, and National Defense.
  • How to apply: Choose “Self-application”, “Apply by employer” or “Apply by agent” to login accordingly. For first time self-application of Employment Gold Card, register as a member by completing detailed information. A verification letter will be sent to your email address. Complete the confirmation and login to the system for application payment, submission of additional document, e-Entry permit and e-Receipt download, etc. Before applying, please check out the Taiwan Employment Gold Card website to find out more about the program and application process.
  • Foreign Professionals Online Application Platform

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