Work Permit


Work Permit

Work Permit online application notice

  1. For applications made in the first semester (fall semester), the work permit is valid until March 31st of the next semester.
  2. For applications made in the second semester (spring semester), the work permit is valid until September 30th of the same year.
  3. Permits with shorter validity periods may be issued, based on the period when students apply. Because requirements for each student’s part-time job are different, validity periods of the work permits are based on the applications, but the longest period is 6 months.
  4. Work permits for university/college graduates (including students whose graduation is delayed) are valid till June 30 of the same year. Students who will go to the summer classes or delay their graduation must present the relevant proof document issued by the school or their department. Students already admitted to a university (college) or graduate school should attach a document stating that he/she has completed the registration procedure issued by the school so that they may apply to extend the valid period of their work permit to September 30 of the same year.
  • The required documents

  1. You can get the Payment Slip form the OIA or go to a nearest Post Office directly. You may need to write down some details included the Transfer Number 19058848, Transfer Fee NTD 100 and your name, phone number and address in a blank payment slip.
  2. Login your work permit account & apply online. Please type the receipt number, date for payment and Post Office’s branch number on the application page. (For the ATM payment, please select “Bill Payment” function; not the “Fund Transfer” function.)
  3. Uploading the student ID (both sides) with a current semester’s registered stamp or an enrollment certificate (PDF).
  4. Uploading your passport information page & both sides of ARC.
  • Others

  1. Hong Kong & Macao Students please select “ethnic Chinese Students” for your identity section in the Work Permit online application system.
  2. After confirmation with the documents, work permit will be approved and issued from the Labor Agency (Taipei Office). Please come to the OIA in 3-5 days after you received the system automatically message or email from the Labor Agency.
  3. Labor office will email and inform you for correction if needed, please pay attention to the required correction period. Extra fee or re-application may be required if you haven’t done the correction before the deadline.
  4. International Students are allowed to work at maximum 20 hours per week during regular semesters. This limit does not apply winter and summer vacations during semesters.
  5. Refer to the online application procedure, please find the attachment ” Online Work Permit Application Instruction” and read it closely.
  6. More information, please visit MINISTRY OF LABOR REPUBLIC OF CHINA(TAIWAN).