Entry Information


Entry Information


According to the announcement from the Ministry of Education of Taiwan dated 8 July 2022.

Overseas students who wish to enter Taiwan for fall semester, may still apply for entry with the assistance of their schools and will be allowed to enter from August 1, 2022.

※The entry information of Feng Chia University will follow after the government’s latest policy and adjust it.※

  • Due to the impact of COVID-19, it is required to submit students’ name list to MOE, and after MOE received the lists, they will be transferred to MOFA and to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in your country afterwards. Once the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office receive the name lists of Feng Chia University, your visa application will be accepted and issued afterwards. It will take a few working days, therefore, please wait for school’s notification.
  • As you visit Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office and apply for the visa, please provide the information of the issued date and number of the official number from MOE so that the officers from MOFA and the Immigration Office are able to confirm the information as well. This will make the process of Application faster.
  • Once you get the visa, please inform us for applying the Overseas students Entry Permit and Certificate for you. For the detail of the process, you may check the instruction stated below as reference.
  • It is required to take deep throat saliva test and PCR test and spend 3-day quarantine and 4-day self-initiated epidemic prevention. Furthermore, in consideration of shared living arrangements for students and their higher risk of cluster infection, such individuals to complete the self-initiated epidemic prevention period in their quarantine location and not to attend classes, or go out unless necessary during the period. 7 days is mandatory for staying in a quarantine hotel!

【Entry Process】

Before entering Taiwan

  • Ready for the visa application or entry permit at Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office ; please refer to Applying for R.O.C. Resident Visa for relevant document preparation. ※ Please don’t buy any flight ticket!!!
  • To prevent the situation as flight rescheduling or cancellation, we suggest you to buy the ticket from EVA Air (BR) or China Airlines (CI); and STARLUX Airline (JX), the airlines mentioned above are the most representative airlines in Taiwan.
  • Please check the flight to Taiwan (Airport Code: TPE) 10 workdays later (holidays and weekends are not included) after you get the visa; visit New Overseas Students → Thing to Do → 2. Fill in Flight Information Form at Entry Information and book the flight ticket once we have confirmed the date of the quarantine hotel.
  • We’ll book a quarantine hotel for you; the fees are all ranged from NTD 2,000~3,000 dollars per day (meals are included). The arranged hotels we book will choose the ones in Taichung as priority, and you need to pay the full bills with cash or Visa/MasterCard/JCB on the day of checking in; also, you need to take the quarantine taxi from Taoyuan Airport to the arranged hotel by yourself (the maximum transportation fee to Taichung is NTD 1,080).
  • Prepare the fee (NTD) for the quarantine hotel (by cash or credit card), phone plan (cash), taxi fee (cash) and some amounts of pocket money. Prepare some epidemic prevention supplies, ex. A digital thermometer, masks (with one-month supplements) etc.
  • Wait for the Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate issued by Feng Chia University; Print out the Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate with you.
  • If you change the schedule or encounter with flight rescheduling or cancellation, please inform us; we’ll re-issue a new Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate based on your arrival date.
  • Contact: We’ll use LINE as the contact platform; please download and create an account in advance.
  • For overseas students in 2022 Spring Semester, please join the line group or you may contact
  1. Ms. Sharon with office number: +886-4-24517250 #2493; Email: shchu@fcu.edu.tw (Mainland China、HK/Macao)
  2. Mr. Ren Liu with office number: +886-4-24517250 #2498; Email: jcliu@fcu.edu.tw (International and overseas Chinese students)

After landing at the airport

  • It is required to fill in Quarantine System for Entry within 48 hours before boarding.
  • After landing at Taoyuan Airport (TPE), those who will stay in the quarantine hotel and government quarantine facility (afforded by yourself), there would be the representative of the Ministry of Education waiting at the boarding gate, therefore, you ought to meet them first for registration after landing and they will guide you for the entry process.
  • After landing, buy a prepaid SIM card (the duration is lasted for 15 days) with data service and show the result of Quarantine System for Entry when passing the custom.
  • Keep in touch with OIA’s teachers.
  • Show your passport, visa and Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate at the custom.
  • Claim your luggage and exchange money.
  • For those will stay in the quarantine hotel, take the deep throat saliva test and PCR test first, and take the quarantine taxi to the arranged quarantine hotel by yourself (the maximum fee to Taichung is NTD 1,080). For those will stay in government quarantine facility, the officers from MOE will guide you to take the quarantine taxi to the facility (the fee would be based on the distance, and the maximum fee is NTD 3,500).
  • Once you reach the quarantine hotel or the facility, it is necessary to contact OIA’s teachers first when you check in; reply your phone number and room number to the teacher/nurse from Health Center as well.
  • The entry information, video of entry process and other related documents, you may check the google drive for Entry documents and Video in 2022.

It is required to spend 3-day quarantine and 4-day self-initiated epidemic prevention.; during these 7days, you’re not allowed to enter the campus and the dorm. Please follow the rules:

  • It is not allowed to leave the room in these 7 days.
  • Take your temperature and fill it in Self-Health Management System from MyFCU. (route: MyFCU → Campus Life → Healthy Life → Self-Health Management System)
  • Join the line group from Ministry of Health and Welfare (防疫神通 Disease Containment Expert) and reply the message before 11a.m. every single day; also, staff from Ministry of Health and Welfare will contact you occasionally for inquiring your condition.
  • During quarantine and self-initiated epidemic prevention, if symptoms occur, use the rapid test and follow the instructions and report to the health center.
  • After the quarantine, OIA will arrange transportation from the quarantine hotel to your own place. For those bachelor students who stay at school accommodation, the earliest available date for checking in is September 2, and the recommended dates are September 5 to September 8. If you haven’t found the accommodation yet, OIA can arrange a general hotel close to the school for 3 days (excluding 3 meals at NTD 1,100 per day).
  • Please follow the regulations of epidemic prevention after entering Taiwan; once you break the law, you would be punished in accordance with “Communicable Disease Control Act” and “Special Act for Prevention, Relief and Revitalization Measures for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens” and Feng Chia University Guidelines for Student Awards and Disciplinary.

Please pay attention to the latest news from “New Overseas Student Section” about the arrival arrangements for new students.

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